George Lucas Has At Least 50 Hrs of a Live-Action STAR WARS Show Planned…Really, George? Really?

There are certain points where you say enough is enough.  For George Lucas and STAR WARS, I think that point came somewhere around 1991.

But no, Lucas still needs to have creative control and milk a dead and mummified cow for all it’s worth.

According to the New York Post, Lucas has 50 hours of a STAR WARS TV series planned. (That’s at least two seasons, for anyone who didn’t want to do the math…)

Yes, it’s been talked about for years, but Lucas says the real hold up right now is technology.  He told G4 that the financial difference between producing movies and TV shows is too vast right now, and he’s waiting for “a different type of technology we can use so it’s economically feasible to shoot the shows.”

Hmm…so you can’t use any of those billions upon billions of dollars you have sitting in the Scrooge McDuck vault do pay for any of this?  Eh well…

The series would take place between REVENGE OF THE SITH and A NEW HOPE.   ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars,’ the animated Cartoon Network series, will have it’s forth season debut this Fall.

PS. Does anyone else feel like this is George Lucas on a Sunday morning…?

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