Charlie Sheen to Be Roasted on Comedy Central!

Usually, the people roasted on Comedy Central are celebrities whose careers are in their twilight, and don’t really have a chance of redemption.  (C’mon…am I wrong?)  If that’s the description, then who better for the next Roast than the one and only Charlie Sheen!

Yup!  According to Radar Online, Comedy Central announced today that the roasting of Sheen will tape in Los Angeles on September 10.  At the time, no guests have been listed.  Comedy Central’s head of original programming and production, Kent Alterman, said in a statement,

“Charlie has assured us that nothing will be off limits in this Roast… which scares even us.”

Yeah, that’s pretty scary…As for Sheen’s thoughts, he released a statement, saying,

“You could say I’ve been providing kindling for this roast for a while…It’s time to light it up. It’s going to be epic.”

And the spiral downward continues…as long as it’s not as horrible as his Torpedo of Truth Tour

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen will air on the network on September 19.

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