THE BOOK OF MORMON Isn’t Coming to Movie Theaters JUST Yet…

Fans of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s “The Book of Mormon” will now have to wait a little longer for a movie version of the Tony Award Winning Play.

Here’s the deal: earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly reported that the movie was “definitely” happening.  Well last night, Stone and Parker clarified that there was some confusion.  The reporter asked if they’d “consider” doing a movie, they answered they thought they “could” do a movie, and then it suddenly turned into a sure thing.

In reality, there are no immediate plans for a BOOK OF MORMON movie, with Parker stating,  “We did a stage show and it worked out way better than we ever thought, and we’d like it to be that for a while, you know, without contaminating it with a movie.”

Wow…’contaminating’.  That’s a harsh description, but it’s been known that the pair were somewhat tired of the movie scene after filming TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE. At the same time, I respect their reasoning, especially when so many others are pushing for unnecessary remakes and adaptations that never do the original justice.  I definitely believe that when the time is right, and the two believe they could do it right, a film will come.


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