Marc Anthony Teases Female Fans at Concert: “They Say I’m a Single Man”

Only three days after finding out that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are splitting up, fans at one of Anthony’s concerts found out another little detail:

Apparently, the singer is ready to flirt again.

According to FoxNews, making his first post-split appearance at a weekend concert in Coluombia, Anthony teased thousands of female fans about his status, yelling over the mic, “They say I’m a single man.”

According to reports, the audience at the Símon Bolívar Metropolitan Park in Bogotá cheered.  The 42-year-old then went into his set, starting with “Aguanile,” the song he and Lopez sang on the American Idol finale last May.

Despite the breakup, the ex-couple-to-be will continue to develop their reported reality competition, “¡Q’viva! The Chosen”, and also continue to create and promote two upcoming apparel and accessories lines for Kohls.  Instead of hyping the pair as “the first celebrity couple to simultaneously design collections for one retailer”, Kohl’s tells Women’s Wear Daily the retailer is now marketing the clothing as “two separate distinctive collections.”

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