SHOCKING VIDEO: Contestant On Gameshow To Prove He Isn’t The Netherlands’ Worst Driver, Crashes Into Show Host.

For the Netherlands' game show "Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?" a contestant was out to prove that he WASN'T in fact the worst driver. He ran into the show's host.

There is no English tranlsation of what you’re about to see, (you won’t need much translation anyway!) and you may find it disturbing. For the Netherlands’ game show De Allerslechtste chauffeur van Nederland? (Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?) a contestant was out to prove that he WASN’T in fact the worst driver. Covering his eyes while driving didn’t help.

He ran into the show’s host, Ruben Nicolai, sending him to the hospital.

The host, after some recovery, is fine. The contestant, after some deeply deserved humilation, lost his driver’s license.

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