SUPERMAN RETURNS $10 Million CUT Alternate Opening

SUPERMAN RETURNS was one of the most anticipated films of 2006.  It would be the return of our beloved superhero, Bryan Singer (the man behind X-MEN) was helming, and the budget was insane.

Sadly, for many fans, it did not live up to that hype.

Either way, remember how I mentioned the crazy budget (over $270 Million)?  Well last month, Warner Bros released the “Superman Anthology” on Blu-ray with 8 discs and over 20 hours of bonus features. One of the films included is the aforementioned SUPERMAN RETURNS, and one of its deleted scenes is a $10 Million, fully produced alternate opening.

The opening, which shows Superman (Brandon Routh) visiting his home planet, only to be hurt by all the kryptonite left behind, is below.  What I want to know is if you think it was worth $10 Million?  To me, the spaceship looks like a giant pimple…just saying…

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