What’s Next…a CAPTAIN PLANET Movie?! Oh, Wait…

Yeah…this is actually happening…

According to JoBlo.com, there is a live action film adaptation of CAPTAIN PLANET in the works from TRANSFORMERS producer Don Murphy and Cartoon Network.  Teps from Turner Broadcasting say:

“The messages of Captain Planet are even more relevant today,” said (Turner Broadcasting’s) Snyder. “We feel this team can bring the world’s first eco-hero to life in a powerful motion picture that is not only pertinent but entertaining.”

“We are extremely excited about bringing the good Captain back to life,” said Murphy. “His adventures are known worldwide and he is recognized across generations. We expect to make a spectacular series of films with the amazing team at Cartoon Network.”

So already, the offices are jumping in and planning a series of films based on Captain Planet.  Granted, I’m sure many people thought TRANSFORMERS wouldn’t work, and look what happened there? I guess it all depends on if it goes all cutsy/cuddly or if it follows in TRANSFORMERS’ footsteps and gets a little gritty and grown up?

Opinions?  Thoughts? Or would you rather just watch the credits and be amazed at what we watched when we were five?

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