Ben Stiller is Getting Jennifer Aniston Naked! Well, Sort of…

I guarantee more than half the people who clicked this article did so because it said Jen Aniston was naked.  Don’t lie…you know I’m right…

I’m sorry to disappoint, but that’s not EXACTLY true…

Here’s the deal…Ben Stiller has created a new PSA for his organization, The Stiller Foundation, going through all the names they came up with. 

One of which is

Check out the video below, and get ready to laugh (and probably click on the link anyway, even though you know she won’t be naked…)

And for those of you wondering, the charity raises funds to build schools in areas affected by poverty around the world. The “Stillerstrong” campaign, which launched in 2009, has raised over $300,000 for a school in Haiti; launched in early 2010, his “Haitian School Initiative,” helped provide temporary schools for Haitian children affected by the January earthquake.

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