“Breaking Bad” to Possibly Get a Sixth Season

Fans of “Breaking Bad”, you may have thought it was over, but here’s one last fix for you.

While AMC recently announced the series’ fifth season would be its last, star Aaron Paul told Today that it ain’t finished just yet!

“We will probably split it up between season five and season six.”

With the rest of season four waiting to go and sixteen more episodes after, the Emmy-Winning Paul says things are about to heat up.

“From episode one to six it was a slow burn…It is about to get really, really, really crazy—just like our fans want it…There are going to be some explosions, maybe, maybe some blood.”

The fans are getting sixteen episodes one way or another.  The only question is whether you want the lotto spread out or in a lump sum.

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  • When will sixth season of Breaking Bad become available on Netflix? We are having withdrawal symptoms!!!

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