FUNNY VIDEOS: The BEST and WORST Reactions To Surprise Disney World Trips

The first girl is truly adorable... but its the kids who are disappointed that really crack me up.

The first girl is truly adorable… but its the kids who are disappointed that really crack me up.

It won’t take long to see how adorable this little girl named Lily is. After her mom presents her with a backpack full of small birthday gifts, she is delightfully excited and thankful for each and every thing. Most of the gifts have a Disney theme, so when Lily is left to put together all the pieces, she’s finally informed of the incredible news: They. are. going. to Disneyland! The reaction is priceless.

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Now this was, of course, adorable… but every once in a while, the surprise doesn’t go so well… check out the disastrous reaction from these kids below when they learn that they aren’t actually going to beloved family friend (or uncle or something) Dick’s house – and instead they’re going to DISNEY WORLD!!! Not a great reaction… but it sure is funny!

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