“South Park” Documentary 6 DAYS TO AIR Gets a Trailer

“South Park” is now in it’s fifteenth season, and somehow, it still manages to keep people laughing hysterically around the water cooler the following morning, both with it’s regular character jokes, and with it’s relevant humor to topics in today’s culture.

What you may not know, though, is a fact that makes the show even more incredible. A full episode of “South Park” is produced in a matter of a week! Everything from the story to the animation to the voices are all done in six days! And now, thanks to a new documentary, us fans will have the chance to take a look inside that crazy week, and see how Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and their infinite number of writers, producers and animators create a single episode.

Take a look below at the first trailer for 6 DAYS TO AIR: THE MAKING OF SOUTH PARK.

The Documentary will premiere October 9th.

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