HANGOVER II Trailer Pulled From All Theaters By MPAA

The new trailer for THE HANGOVER II debuted this weekend, and people were laughing their butts off.  That’s a given.

Except for one group.

It is being reported that yesterday, Warner Bros. sent an urgent notice to all theater owners telling them that all copies of the trailer “need to be destroyed” and all current placements, including and especially SOURCE CODE, need to be removed immediately.  No replacement trailer nor a reason was given, although the line “the MPAA [has] instructed” was used in said notice.

This is very confusing, especially since the MPAA obviously cleared the trailer (you know…because of that obvious title card before each and every trailer we see in theaters and online).  One reason may be that there could have been complaints from people who went to see SOURCE CODE over the weekend and brought their kids.  Although any kid who is seeing SOURCE CODE probably has seen THE HANGOVER more times than their parents could count.

Either way, the apparently offensive trailer is below.  Tell us what you think caused such a backlash.  Do you think anything was horrible enough to cause such a massive pull?

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