Charlie Sheen Blows Away Cleveland…Could the Show Actually Be Getting Better?!

What the hell happened here??  Could Charlie Sheen’s show actually be getting better?!?

According to numerous reports, the sold-out crowd at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square’s 3,200-seat State Theatre greeted Sheen with chants of “Winning” and ended the show with a standing ovation.

This was the third stop on Sheen’s “Torpedo of Truth” tour.  Instead of Sheen just walking out on stage this time, he ran down the aisle toward the stage amid a guitar rendition of “Wild Thing”.  When he got on the stage, he told the crowd:

“People, that was better than coming out of the bullpen in MAJOR LEAGUE. Thank you.”

It really feels like he’s still banking on Major League 3, huh?  Well that wasn’t the only think Sheen went back to.  Some fan favorites included:

“Winning: You just feel better when you say it…Where did that come from? I just got tired of — well, I shouldn’t say losing — being told that I was losing. They basically took everything away, and I said, ‘F— you! I’m still winning.'”


“Is your tiger blood boiling tonight? Is your Adonis DNA

Sheen made many references to different people throughout the night, especially during his Q&A session that has become a part of the show.  First off, he wanted to “clear up” about former wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller:

“I said a couple of things, I stated some facts, and the media got it wrong,” he said. “Shocker. It’s a shocker. I didn’t call Denise a kidnapper. Brooke is the f—— kidnapper. I called Denise a dognapper.”

Sheen also joked that he is being stalked by Miley Cyrus, who recently rejoined Twitter and tweeted: “I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen.” He said:

“Apparently Miley got back on Twitter and now she’s following me…What the f— does that mean? Did she follow me to Cleveland? Is Miley Cyrus in the house? Stand up, Miley.”

Sounds to me more like an old man going “how do you use this thing?  You kids and your tweets!”  However, with all his comments, Sheen did seem like he turned a new leaf when it came to “Two and a Half Men”:

“Do I want to be back on it? Well, f— yeah I do. I’m not a complete idiot…I think what everybody needs to understand is … all they’ve got to do is hire me back. … I made them $5 billion, and I got fired. Imagine if I had made them $10 billion — they would have murdered me.”

Sheen also said the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, “still hasn’t returned my call.” I wonder if he’s starting to realize what he did…

Either way, Sheen did say something that made complete sense…his power to spin all this into a money-maker is insane:

“I have been able to spin magic the past couple of weeks…You guys all bought tickets without knowing a damn thing about this show.”

It was somewhat mocking, yet at the same time, completely true.  Everything from $15 coffee mugs to $120 “Charlie Sheen Winning” jerseys were for sale at the Cleveland event, and apparently the items were flying off the shelves.

Next stop on the tour is tonight at the Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio.

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