POP Video: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY 2 with Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren and…Grampires?!?

This is why I love Billy Crystal!

We have a new video on Funny or Die that is supposedly a preview of the sequel to Crystal’s classic, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.  Except there is something a little different about this one…

We start off with Crystal and director Rob Reiner pitching the part II, except a little tweak comes into play: Vampires!

That’s right!  Harry falls for a vampire Helen Mirren!  The film, dubbed GRAMPIRES: WHEN SHARON BIT HARRY, features a bunch of cameos, including Maya Rudolph, Rob Riggle and Mike Tyson.

Check out the video below, and be prepared to feel nostalgia with all the familiar lines and scenes, and laugh hysterically at classic Crystal.

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