Busted By Google Street View.

By now you probably already dig Google Street View… it’s amazing that Google sends cars (and sometimes bikes) all over the country to take photos of the streets so that you can see what an address looks like on Google Maps. But sometimes, life happens, and moments in time that are best left forgotten are captured forever.

Blogs everywhere have compiled the good, bad and embarassing images captured by Google Maps when the innocent (or rather, guilty) didn’t know anyone was looking.

If you decide to pee behind a car in Madrid, choose your spot carefully… Street View may be watching! According to the blog, this shot was removed shortly after it was discovered.

In Rapid City, South Dakota, a man walks out of a gun store with his purchase. I don’t know what the hell you shoot with one of those that wouldn’t be destroyed completely.

A long night of drinking in England leaves behind cherished memories that will live forever. (Or at least until Google pulls the image, which it reportedly did.)

FYI – Birds were here first, streetview technology.

And in Paris, I’m sure this doll was purchased so this guy can drive in the commuter lanes on the highway. Wait… do they even have commuter lanes on the highways there?

Then head over to Van Ness. Where either a guy has lost his keys, or really wants what’s inside this place:

And a painful reminder to YIELD to fire engines. They will not yield to you.

If you have a favorite, send one to me!

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