VIDEO: Don’t Give Madonna Hydrangeas. She’ll Kill With Her Stare

Yeah, so I think the moral here is never give a present to Madonna.

The singer/actress was at the Venice Film Festival to promote her new film, W.E., when a fan presented her with  a bouquet of hydrangeas, telling her, “You are my princess, thank you so much, I love you.”

While Madonna instinctively accepted the flowers with a smile and said thank you, she immediately turned to her costar, and with a hot mic, said, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn’t know that.”

How dare that nice, love-stricken man give a superstar flowers!  Who does he think he is?!  And if he loved her so much, he would obviously know such little details…

Or, you know, maybe Madonna should be a little gracious for a gift from her fans…

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