Creepy Video Sensation: Spectators Gather To Watch A Rat Try To Eat A Fallen Ice Cream Cone.

Yeesh. I don't use the expression "heebie jeebies' that often - but this video has the heebsjeebs all over it.

Yeesh. I don’t use the expression “heebie jeebies’ that often – but this video has the heebsjeebs all over it. In China, someone has dropped an ice cream cone. That’s sad, we all hate when that happens. Ice cream should never be wasted. But wait – it gets worse. The ice cream cone happened to fall right near a manhole on the street. Sure, that seems innocuous enough. But a rat, under the street, keeps desperately appearing through a tiny hole in the cover, reaching out with it’s little hand, tongue, snout, you name it – clawing and trying to get at the ice cream cone. Creepy, yes. (Some will find it cute, but I’m in the creepy column.) Then, oddly enough, a crowd of onlookers gather to watch, photograph, and videotape the event. And here we are, witnessing a rodent’s popularity skyrocket online. The internet is bizarro.


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