BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Conrad Murray Gets Max. Sentence of Four Years in Prison

The day has come, and the sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray is in the books.

The day has come, and the sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray is in the books.

After more than twenty minutes of speaking, Judge Pastor has given him the maximum sentence of four years in prison.  However, because of a new California law, Murray will actually serve his time in L.A. County Jail (it is said that he will only serve about half that sentence).

As for restitution, Judge Pastor ordered Dr. Murray to pay “appropriate restitution” to Michael Jackson’s Estate at a later date.  The request by the prosecution is for $101,821,000, both for what he would have made on the “This Is It” tour, and to help pay for his funeral.

Among the most notable quotations by the judge:

“There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint.  There are those who feel he’s the devil.  He is neither.  He’s a human being.” 

–Despite a life of impressive medical work, Dr. Murray’s recklessness with Jackson overshadowed all of it, turning the last few years into “a cycle of horrible medicine,” that lead him to engage “in a recurring, continuous pattern of deceit and lies.”

–In the end, the judge said that no matter what, “Dr. Murray abandoned his patient,” calling his conduct “a disgrace to the medical profession.”

Watch the rest of the sentencing right here.

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