VIDEO: Weatherman Walks Off Live Morning Show

And here is your daily dose of awesome News Bloopers.

And here is your daily dose of awesome News Bloopers.

As you’ll see, a Los Angeles weatherman gets very pissed off when he is told to wrap up after his interview and SKIP giving the weather completely!

KTLA’s Henry DiCarlo said:

“I’m in the communications business, and it seems like there’s so little communication,” he says. “When you send a weatherman out to do the weather but you’re also sending him to do a story, you might want to give him a little extra time. But that’s just me. Anyway. Sorry we don’t have time for weather, folks, I’m just doing what I’m told, and that was to do an interview, so I’ll tell you what. We’ll have somebody else handle weather. We’ll send it back to you in the studio.”

And the anchors had no problem jumping on their co-worker, saying “Does he want any cheese to go with that whine?!”

Enjoy the video below, and underneath, enjoy the follow up video, when DiCarlo and his producer come on set the following day to explain what exactly happened.

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