Jason Derülo Fractures Neck With Rehearsing

Musical artist and acrobatic showman Jason Derülo tweeted to his followers the results of a scary injury. Now his tour is on hold indefinitely.

Musical artist and acrobatic showman Jason Derülo tweeted to his followers the results of a scary injury.

Tweeted Derulo, along with a photo: “I fractured my neck doing tumbling & acrobatics 4 tour! Always tryin 2 push boundaries 4 YOU! Like my new chain? ;)”

The artist was practicing for his world tour. Now, he’s been forced to cancel the tour entirely because of a fractured vertabrae. He is fortunate that he wasn’t paralyzed from the incident.

Derulo provided a statement to CNN: “The pain of letting you down cuts me way deeper than this injury I’ve sustained. My fans mean everything to me, so I’m praying for a speedy recovery in order to perform for you in the near future.”

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