Monty Python to Reunite for ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!

Fans of the one and only Monty Python, get ready! There will be an on screen reunion!

Fans of the one and only Monty Python, get ready!  There will be an on screen reunion!

According to Variety, former Python members Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, and Eric Idle are going to reunite for ABSOLUTELY ANTHING.  It’s not exactly a Monty Python film, but will feature a group of aliens (voiced by Python), who endow a Frenchman with the power to do “absolutely anything” to see what a mess he’ll make of things — which is precisely what happens.

If that’s not enough to convince you, Robin Williams is in talks to play the Inspector Clouseau-ish Frechman, and has already signed on to be the voice of a talking dog named Dennis, who seems to understand everything that’s going on.

As of now, everyone in the group except for Eric Idle has signed on.  Jones is set to direct.

And now, (thanks to JoBlo making me remember it), a classic moment, all thanks to Graham Chapman:

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