With about 15 major players involved, let’s hope the folks from “The Help” can bring this table and chairs along with them.

Sure, some celebs are concerned about what host Ricky Gervais might say about them this year… but perhaps they should be MORE concerned about having a place to sit!

The success of TV shows and films with big ensemble casts, like big screen hits The Help, Midnight in Paris and Bridesmaids and small screen hits like Modern Family and Boardwalk Empire, seating the mass of celebrities has become a problem.

New York Magazine reports that many productions aren’t being politely asked – they’re being told that they have to limit who is coming to the ceremony.

The mag reports that “Even co-stars whose films are nominated for Best Picture are having problems. On Wednesday, 50/50 co-star Anna Kendrick, for example, found she wasn’t going to be able to support her film at the Globes, and as of this posting, the writer and executive producer for the Best Picture nominee, Will Reiser, does not have a ticket either.”

This means you’re also less likely to see the stars with their significant others, husbands and wives.

I personally have been to the Beverly Hilton to produce television reports on the Golden Globes, and while the banquet room in which it is held certainly looks like a tight squeeze on TV. in real life it truly is even smaller than it looks onscreen. It’s not much bigger than a banquet room you’d see in any other hotel. Great for a wedding reception, but throw in a custom built stage, and you have a very tightly packed cracker box on your hands.

In an emailed statement to New York Magazine, a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association said: “The Globes are an intimate event and in keeping with that, we sometimes have limited tickets, especially in years like this when there are indeed a number of ensemble casts. It is always our goal to accommodate as many people associated with the nominations in the room but we do have a finite number of seats. We are not always able to accommodate significant others, co-producers and such. As much as we would love to have everyone associated with these accomplished films and television shows in the room, we just don’t have the seating for everyone involved….Unless we start hanging tables from the rafters, it will always be an in-demand ticket.”

The show has become the ‘party’ of award shows, so perhaps a little booze should help loosen up some of the tension. Unlike the Oscar audience, no seat fillers needed here!

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