Warrant Issued for Bow Wow’s Arrest

Bow Wow ain't so little anymore...a warrant has been issued for his arrest!

Bow Wow ain’t so little anymore…a warrant has been issued for his arrest!

According to E! News, Bow Wow is in contempt of court. Back in 2009, the 24-year-old was ordered by a Tennessee court to pay fees to a tour bus company after not paying his bill. Then on October 20, 2011, a judge in Georgia ordered him to produce documents for the other side when the company transferred the suit from Tennessee to Georgia.

Since Bow Wow has yet to produce the documents, the bus company filed a motion to have him held in contempt.

And now is Bow Wow responding?  A rep for the rapper says that this “ongoing dispute” is under control, while Bow Wow cryptically tweeted a picture of himself in a jail cell on Monday with the caption, “Been here before…. Haha” as well as the tweet:

“All I know is im on a world tour and I gotta sold out show in Paris France tomar…All they doing is making my album gain momentum.”

The rapper’s rep says that a “new legal team” has recently been hired “to resolve this and another pending legal matter”

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