FUNNY VIDEO: Alec Baldwin And Stars Voice “The Donaghy Files”

In this mini spinoff of 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy gets Michael McDonald to sing the theme from 'Saved By The Bell." Cee Lo Green also does a rousing performance of the theme to "BJ and The Bear."

Have you seen “The Donaghy Files”? They’re animated shorts with Alec Baldwin and the cast of 30 Rock… they’re short, offbeat and funny!

This episode has Jack in a crisis: Madonna can no longer perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, thanks to an injury she incurred while rehearsing naked against a burning cross.  (cymbal crash please.)

Out of cash for the big show, he solicits the help of some famous faces… among them, Michael McDonald, to sing popular NBC theme songs. Funny how Michael McDonald makes the “Saved By The Bell” theme suddenly sound pretty good.

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