Susan Boyle Musical Debuts In Britain

A new musical that tells the story of Susan Boyle's life has just premiered in to check out the uncanny resemblance between Susan and the actress who plays her!

 I cannot lie – I LOOOOVE the whole Susan Boyle thing – that whole rags to riches story – I eat that stuff up with a spoon! I was one of those people with tears falling on their keyboards when she was on YouTube. (ps – nearly 100 million people have watched that clip of her on Britains Got Talent.)

Now she’s got a musical about her LIFE called “I Dreamed a Dream.” It just premiered and it will be touring 11 cities! It tells the story of her rough life - and while it doesn’t hide how hard her childhood was, it KIND OF GLOSSES over some other important aspects – like how she has kind of a hot temper isn’t quite the most stable gal, and how maybe TV executives were a little hasty in throwing into the lions den of TV exposure without so much as some counseling or a hot oil treatment.

In the show itself, Simon Cowell is only shown on a TV screen…there is no one playing him in the show. (She’s still under contract with him, so it’s not surprising that he’s portrayed kindly.) Susan Boyle herself is expected (but not guaranteed) to show up at the end of every performance to sing the song that made her a star (and after which the show is titled,) “I Dreamed A Dream.”

In the UK musical she’s played Elaine C Smith -who is a great likeness!

What if they brought it to the USA? Perhaps Rosie O’Donnell wants to come back to Broadway?  (Trouble is she cannot sing for the life of her… and there ain’t no autotune on the Great White Way. 

Boyle has been a hit so far in virtually everything she does so if history is any indication, this will be too. Fans were coming out in droves to see the show’s premiere.

 Just for fun, here’s the Britain’s Got Talent performance that started it all!

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