BIG NEWS: Giant ‘Jurassic Jeff’ Goldblum Pops Up In London

If you’re wandering the streets of London don’t be surprised if you see a Jeff Goldblum of colossal proportions.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park a 9-foot tall, 23-foot wide statue of Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm was erected. U.K streaming service, NowTV, created the masterpiece as a way to commemorate the major milestone.  The 331 pound statue sits in Potter Park in front of the Tower Bridge and took nearly 6 weeks to construct.

If the statue’s pose looks familiar it could be that you have an excellent recollection of the quarter-century old film. It is more likely, however, that you have seen the hilarious memes sprawled over social media poking fun at the infamous pose.

From running from dinosaurs to being the size of one, Jeff Goldblum has officially become a staple in Hollywood’s history. If you’re in London, pop over to Potter Park and get in on the social media sensation!

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