Forget One Direction…MTV’s 2Gether Is Reuniting!

Now THIS is the news I've been waiting for! 2Gether is coming back!

Now THIS is the news I’ve been waiting for!  2Gether is coming back!

TMZ is reporting that MTV’s faux-boy band is getting ready for a reunion tour!

Alex Solowitz, who played “Bad Boy” Mickey, tells the site the band will officially re-unite next month on stage at a Los Angeles comedy club to play 3 or 4 songs.  They’ll podcast the set live to promote an upcoming full-fledged concert that will be featured in a reunion mockumentary.

A major chunk of the proceeds will go to the Michael Cuccione Foundation, in honor of their bandmate who died of cancer back in 2001.

This will be the group’s first live performance in over a decade.  The group, made up of actors playing a boy band, already has MTV’s blessing to move forward.

How can you NOT be excited by 2Gether reuniting?!  They taught you math!!

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