Lawsuit Reveals DJ Pauly D’s SHOCKING Salary For Jersey Shore!

The most fascinating part of the lawsuit against Pauly D is the SHOCKING salary of the Jersey Shore cast!

The Hollywood Reporter landed a major scoop in covering a lawsuit against Jersey Shore…. but the most fascinating part of the story isn’t the lawsuit as much as the SHOCKING salary of it’s cast!

It goes like this, according to THR, “DJ Pauly D is being sued by his former talent agency – ICM for allegedly refusing to hand over commissions from a deal to star on the MTV show.”

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in an LA court, and it alleges that “Pauly D” – who in the world that is REAL, not “reailty TV” – goes by Paul DelVecchio, owes them $370,000 for the past two seasons of the show. (They only get 10 percent… so do the math… he’s making major bank!) Better yet – don’t do the math, and read on for the numbers:
The talent agency began working with Pauly D in 2010, eventually entering into a contract that would entitle them to 10 percent of of his compensation across any of the business opportunities the land and negotiate for him. They then secured contract options for seasons 2 and 3 of Jersey Shore, negotiating raises along the way.
Check out this passage from The Hollywood Reporter, which details the salary:

The third amendment to the MTV agreement meant that Pauly D got a $400,000 signing bonus and $100,000 for each episode.

For the fourth season — which included 12 episodes, a launch special, multiple “after-shows,” a reunion show, merchandising and bonuses — ICM totals $1.6 million of compensation due to Pauly D. The agency then includes $107,037 for contractual participations and a $200,000 “thank you” bonus, bringing Pauly D’s compensation tor season 4 of the show to more than $1.9 million.

They also write that Pauly D is said to be earning $2.1 million from season five, which ended March 15.

Pauly D now has a spinoff show on MTV.

What’s interesting about this is that one might argue that Pauly D isn’t the biggest name on the cast… What does this say for Snooki or The Situation? (A 2010 report claimed that in 2011 Mike Sorrentino would make $10 million from TV, sponsorship opportunities and public appearances.) Yeesh. That said, MTV isn’t going to pay more than they can afford. They’re making a ton of revenue from the advertising. From the sounds of it, it looks like it’s time for Pauly to learn how show business and agencies work. And for all the cast members, I would advice to save and invest wisely. You never know when reality fame can turn to dust.

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If this isn’t shocking, my bad. But you at least might find it frustrating when you see what 2.1 million a season gets you these days. Here’s a refresher:


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