“Game of Thrones” Star Sean Bean Arrested Over Harassing His Wife

Sean Bean may have been king on "Game of Thrones", but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few issues in real life...

Sean Bean may have been king on “Game of Thrones”, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a few issues in real life…

The Daily Mail is reporting that the 53-year-old actor was arrested Tuesday over claims that he made harassing phone calls and sent abusive text messages to his former wife, actress Georgina Sutcliffe.  He was taken into the Holborn police station in central London on “suspicion of harassment,” and was later released on bail.

Bean and Sutcliffe split in December 2010, citing irreconcilable differences, after two years of marriage.

No further details have been given regarding the incident or incidents just yet.

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