We Scooped, Now Confirmed: Jessica Simpson Working With Weight Watchers.

We first reported it in March, and it's now confirmed - Jessica Simpson is the new face (and body) of Weight Watchers.

We first reported it in March, and it’s now confirmed – Jessica Simpson is the new face (and body) of Weight Watchers.

Simpson confirmed the deal on twitter, but she obviously didn’t mention the huge payout! It’s believed to be ranging between 3 and 4 million. Just as we reported in the spring, Simpson had been in talks with them months ago. While tabloids were raising their eyebrows about her weight gain from her pregnancy, she was already working out the deal.

I love it when we nail it!

Our source then said what’s absolutely true: her transformation will be extraordinary, given that she automatically loses a lot of weight simply by having the baby, and then has the incentive of a commercial campaign and huge financial gain for being successful.

Jennifer Hudson’s dramatic 80 pound weight loss has made her an iconic spokeswoman for the successful diet program.

In my own personal experience as a producer, I have worked on diet segments, and I was always astounded at just how many of the people I had worked with who had made amazing strides with Weight Watchers. The number was overwhelming… many of them losing more than 100 pounds!

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