IRON MAN 3 Post Credits Scene Will Reveal The Next Character to Join THE AVENGERS.

Can you guess who? Read on for the answer!!

According to’s podcast “The Playlist,” (the reputable source for news on all topics of Comic Book films) two writers for the site have found out that the post-credits scene for IRON MAN 3, which is filming right now, will reveal who the next avenger is! More importantly, they believe it will be Ant Man – a character who has been hinted as an upcoming member of THE AVENGERS for the past few years.

Director Edgar Wright is attached to what could be the next Origin story leading up to an THE AVENGERS sequel.

The quote, transcribed by goes like this: “Edgar Wright will possibly be shooting Iron Man 3’s post-credits scene essentially introducing Ant-Man. This may back of Wright stating he was hoping to shoot some of the movie this year”. 

Whether or not this is a done deal is something that we’ll have to wait and see, but after the success of THE AVENGERS, and Marvel saying they would like to add at least two more characters to the group, it’s not a total stretch: announcements of new characters or films occurred in post-credit scenes before.

In any case, the anticipation of a new movie grows and is killing me.

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