Should We Believe The Rumors Of Lindsay Lohan Drama On The Set Of “Liz And Dick”?

Given Lindsay Lohan's popularity with the entertainment tabloids - it almost seems inevitable that we would get a 'trouble on the set' story. Well, here it is - but should we believe it?
Given Lindsay Lohan’s popularity with the entertainment tabloids – it almost seems inevitable that we would get a ‘trouble on the set’ story. Well, here it is – but should we believe it?
Star Magazine is reporting that word on the set of Lohan’s film “Liz and Dick” isn’t good – saying the actress is “behaving like a diva” and not getting along with her co-star, Grant Bowler.” Their source says Lohan often shows up to work as much as two hours late to work and often doesn’t know her lines. (This has been reported with Lohan before – notably her first day shooting her “Glee” guest appearance.)
There’s reportedly been some drama over her co-star as well. The claim is that Lohan initially wanted a ‘big-name’ leading man along the lines of Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Junior, or Brad Pitt. (All completely unlikely, most would agree.) As a result of their inability to get a big-name to her liking, Lohan has apparently been icy to co-star Bowler, leaving the production team to deal with the results. The Daily is also citing a source that claims  “the footage so far has been just awful,” due to a lack of chemistry between the two. 
Lohan publicist Steve Honig told Flash, “Lindsay and the cast and crew have become a tight-knit family and are collaborating on what will be an amazing film.”
This is where the trouble lies with unnamed sources. Without them, many entertainment would lack the ‘juiciest’ of stories about celebrities and their behavior behind the scenes. The caveat, though, is that unnamed sources essentially can say anything, whether it’s true or not – since they’re not going on record. Is Lohan being difficult? Perhaps – if so, I’m guessing the reports and stories will continue, rather than fizzle out. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lohan’s career at large hangs in the balance with this movie. Even though I’ve said that this wasn’t the perfect role for her, I’d like to see her get her fair shot and making this work.
It looks like we’ll have to wait and see how this film turns out before we decide if it’s awful or triumphant … and whether the behavior behind the scenes – whether it was good or bad – was worth it.
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