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You might have thought the feud between Elton John and Madonna was over…

You were wrong…

Only a few weeks after the entirety of France went after the Material Girl, the “Rocket Man” himself decided to start up the old guns again, calling the singer a “[expletive] fairground stripper,” and saying “she’s such a nightmare. Her career’s over.”

The insult took place on the Australian TV show “Sunday Night,” but it didn’t end there…

“If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like ‘Ray of Light’…and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly.”

There was a compliment in there somewhere…right?

Many believe that John is lashing out because of how Madonna famously went after Lady Gaga at one of her concerts, by performing a mash-up of “Born This Way” and “Express Yourself” to show how similar they are.  Gaga is the godmother of John’s 19-month-old son, Zachary.

John has accused Madonna of lip-syncing many times before, however, and even offered some Super Bowl advice during an interview with “Good Morning America,” saying “make sure you lip-sync good.”

So far, no word from the Madonna camp.  Come on, Madonna!  Express yourself!!