Elton John

Elton John Is Again A Father!

Congratulations to Elton John! The legendary piano player announced today that he and partner David Furnish have become fathers for a second time!

FASCINATING MOVIE TRAILER: “Sellebrity” Examines The World’s Obsession With Fame

The documentary "Sellebrity" looks compelling - and is certain to start some debates about the plight of the rich and famous, who are often stalked by tabloid journalists. The film examines the irony of a business where stars need attention to become famous - and the lines that are inevitably crossed when that fame is achieved. Some people will likely shout 'boo-hoo' at their struggles - but others may sympathize... where do you stand?

Elton John to Make ROCKETMAN Biopic! David Furnish Speaks!

Elton John has basically done everything in the world of music. He has written hit album after hit album, created so many classic Disney songs ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight?", "Circle of Life"), and is the man behind two major Broadway plays. And now, he is in talks to make a film about his life.