Elton John Slams Madonna on Golden Globes Red Carpet!! (Madonna Gets The Last Laugh!)

On the red carpet, Elton John took a swipe at Madonna. But Madonna got the last laugh!

Already, The Golden Globes has a controversy on it’s hands… on the red carpet, Elton John took a swipe at Madonna. (And if you read on, you’ll see how she got the last laugh!)

Before the ceremony, pre-show host Carson Daly was live on the red carpet interviewing Elton John about his Original song nomination for “Hello Hello” — a collaboration with Lady Gaga and lyricist Bernie Taupin for the film “Gnomeo & Juliet.”

When asked about the field of nominees, John addressed his competitors, acknowledging his belief that singer/writer Mary J. Blige would take the award for “Living Proof,” which she and others wrote for the film “The Help.”

He then went on to address Madonna’s nomation for her work on “Masterpiece” which she co-wrote for the film she directed, “W.E.”

In addressing Madonna’s chances, John said, “Madonna hasn’t got a f—in’ chance.” (the audio of which was dropped thanks to a tape delay… someone in the control room was on top of it!)

Daly responded to Elton’s snipe by saying “Those are fighting words!” to which John replied, “no, those are accurate words.” Snap!!

It wasn’t long into the pre-show program that Daly then got to speak with Madonna on the red carpet. Daly was able to retell the ‘she hasn’t got a f’—ing chance’ portion of the John’s interview, to which Madonna coincidentally replied the same was Daly had – ‘those are fighting words!’ When Daly futhered the conversation with Elton’s response of ‘those are accurate words,’ Madonna took the high road with “Well, may the best man win.”

UPDATE: Madonna got the last laugh!!! She DID win the award, even though she wasn’t the favorite. She didn’t address the red carpet moment during her acceptance speech. She appeared surprised and graciously gave thanks to her colleagues.

Elton John, whom as we mentioned earlier performed his nominated song with Lady Gaga, may be somewhat defensive over over Madonna’s recent remarks about Gaga’s music. In a recent interview with ABC, Madonna described Gaga’s “Born this Way” as ”reductive.” (essentially calling it a crude and simplified version of her own “Express Yourself.”) It’s my guess John, not one to mince words, (and a friend of Gaga’s) didn’t think too highly of Madonna’s remarks and decided to take a swipe of his own.

Truthfully, cattiness aside, Madonna’s song was not in fact a favorite to win the award. But she DID. As they say, success is the best revenge.

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  • What a bitter old queen she turned out to be. Well she got her just desserts!

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