Johnny Depp Is Being Offered How Much for Pirates Sequel!?!?!?

Johnny Depp could be making an obscene amount of money to make the 5th PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN.

Disney has made plenty of exciting and interesting announcements over the past few months, including announcing a sequel to FINDING NEMO. Now according to The Sun, Disney is willing to offer Johnny Depp a $95 million payday for the fifth PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN!

Granted, this is not the first time Depp would be getting a huge contract from Disney, and The Sun isn’t necessarily the most reliable source around, but if the news is true, the $95 million would be the largest contract in history by far.

Depp normally makes most of his money in incentives (the more money the movie makes the more money Depp makes), and considering most of his recent movies go on to make studios hundreds of millions of dollars, it is no surprise Depp would command this amount of money.  What would be shocking is that Disney would be so willing to spend this much money on not even one actor, but anything after their JOHN CARTER fiasco.

The last PIRATES film, ON STRANGER TIDES, made over a billion dollars on a $250 million budget, which means Disney collected enough money to pay for the movie, the marketing campaign, and still come out way ahead.

Depp earned an Oscar nomination for the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film, and has remained a member of the cast through four successful box office blockbusters, (even though, according to Rotten Tomatoes, critics have enjoyed the series less and less since CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL).

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