Johnny Depp

Movie Review: Dark Shadows

Mike Finkelstein is a vampire. (You couldn’t tell by his white skin?) He went through some bad stuff back in the 1700s thanks to an old flame, but now that he’s awoken in 2012, he thinks he should get used to the times. To prepare, he went to the movies and after accusing the theater owners of witchcraft, he sat down and watched a new Tim Burton film. Here is his review of “Dark Shadows”.

VIDEO: Johnny Depp Lays Into Ricky Gervais.

Okay, kinda. But clearly, Johnny Depp has a sense of humor. In this video, he sits down for a meeting with Ricky Gervais - whom infamously lampooned Depp while hosting the Golden Globe Awards. Meanwhile, is Gervais getting skinnier and skinnier or what?