VIDEO: Watch Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Chad Johnson Get Fired On HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

HBO's HARD KNOCKS got very real last night as they showed embattled wide receiver Chad Johnson lose his job.

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” is known as reality TV for the ultimate football fan. It’s unplugged, and very real as it follows one of the NFL’s teams as they prepare for the upcoming season. (If you don’t believe how real it is, I dare you to go back and watch the New York Jets season with head coach Rex Ryan.)

This year’s team is the Miami Dolphins, which boasts brand new, straight laced coach Joe Philbin as well as some big name athletes like veteran Chad Johnson. And on this past episode, we have yet another look at just how real “Hard Knocks” could get.

Last weekend Johnson was arrested for getting in an altercation with his wife of one month, Evelyn Lozada. Since then, he has been going through a real life nightmare that includes not only his wife filing for divorce, but his job being all but taken from him.  It had football fans and non-football fans alike sitting eagerly by their televisions on Tuesday to see how the firing would unfold.

I live in a television watching family.  We love our TV and we watch a lot of it. My brother who is not a football fan called this “the best piece of television he has seen this summer”. Seeing the emotion on Johnson’s face during the conversation between he and Philbin is almost unbearable as you watch a man literally fight for not only his job, but possibly his entire career.

Check out the video below.

NOTE-The show is not live, and watch as Johnson tries to look for where the camera is in the room.

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  • He knew who she was from the very beginning.He should’ve seen this coming his firing i mean. Goodell said he was going to be watching the players on and off the field.We wish him the best.

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