Hear How Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Hysterically Stopped A Robbery While Filming FAST SIX

Leave it up to The Rock to foil some crooks plans without even realizing it!

Leave it up to The Rock to foil some crooks plans without even realizing it!

Worst Previews is reporting that Dwayne Johnson was filming a scene for the upcoming FAST SIX when he literally ran right into some burglars and scared them off!

But don’t let me explain it!  Let’s just hear it straight from Johnson’s mouth:

“I’ll tell you what happened…Those guys are the unluckiest burglars on the face of the planet. Whatever they were doing was clearly thwarted, though not by my intention…We were outside [shooting the movie]. I was in my gear — flak jacket on, weapon drawn. There was a lot of noise and gunfire. Gina [Carano] and I are scaling a wall, we’re jumping down and running. And we’re in this shady area, where there’s a canal, which I’m sure is an access point for bad guys. So as we’re running we happened to scare, from afar, these bunch of miscreants. I was running in their direction but it wasn’t to them! They turned and thought, ‘Holy sh*t! Here comes The Rock and he’s got a weapon!’ And I was thinking, ‘I want to get this scene, so I can go home and eat.’ Just another Thursday in my world, fighting crime.”

Yeah…if The Rock was running right toward me with a badge, a bullet proof vest, and a gun, I’d be scared too…

If you don’t think you would, just check out the newest pic from FAST SIX below, and imagine that coming straight at you like a bullet train with a gun.

Now go change your pants…they smell like pee…

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