UPDATE: New details are emerging this afternoon about the apparent car accident that got Lindsay Lohan arrested this morning.

TMZ is reporting that police have taken a look at last night’s surveillance video from The Dream hotel, and they have no doubt that alleged victim Jose Rodriguez was exaggerating.

Sources from the hotel say the video shows Lindsay’s car driving down the ramp into the hotel while Rodriguez was walking in the pedestrian path, which Lindsay had to cross.  Lindsay’s car, which was apparently traveling at a crawl, does get close to Rodriguez, but the sources confirm that two detectives who watched the video aren’t even sure if the car even grazed his leg.

But that’s not all…once Lindsay clears the area and goes down the ramp, you could clearly see Rodriguez (supposed injuries and all) sprinting after her, and when Lindsay finally gets out of the car, it doesn’t even look like she knew she had possibly hit someone.

With all this evidence, however, Rodriguez is doubling down on his accusations, even telling the Daily News this morning that Lohan was a drunken mess who was slurring her words and “smelled like alcohol real bad” when she hit him.  The Manhattan chef says that he “was in so much pain…[he] fell to the side,” and was supposedly taken to Bellevue Hospital where he needed morphine and was treated for torn tendons.

Lohan is still claiming that she didn’t do anything wrong. We will keep you updated as the story develops.


First off, Lindsay shouldn’t drive. That would save her a lot of trouble. Secondly, if she does. She should do it on isolated roads. But nope. Lohan was arrested again, this time for clipping a pedestrian with her Porsche and leaving the scene.

TMZ reports that Lohan was pulling in to the Dream Hotel in downtown Manhattan when she allegedly hit a man in his 30s. Lohan’s friend got out to check for damages, (being a friend of Lohan’s likely involves dealing with a fair share of unpleasantries) as, naturally, Lohan and her entourage went into the hotel.

The alleged victim was hospitalized, but didn’t have any visible injuries at the scene. Someone called police, and when Lohan left the hotel around 2 a.m., she was arrested. I can only imagine the verbal tirade those cops dealt with. She was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and released. The charge is a misdemeanor, and it could trigger a violation of her probation – since she is supposed to NOT BREAK ANY LAWS.

Mind you, it’s safe to assume that even if Lindsay Lohan barely touched the pedestrian, it would probably become an incident, but REALLY? AGAIN?

Just this week, Lohan was griping on Twitter that Amanda Bynes, an actress her same age who has had two hit and runs and a DUI, has not gone to jail but Lohan has. Looks like Lohan should be paying more attention to her own problems. And keeping her eyes on the road.