Michael Lohan Debuts New Girlfriend on Twitter…Nausea Cases Rise Across U.S.

He may have split with his girlfriend less than a week ago, but apparently it only takes a week for Michael Lohan to fall in love.

Lohan posted a few pictures to his Twitter account of his new girlfriend, a woman named Bernadette.  In one of the photos, the 50-year-old stardom seeker is kissing the young brunette, with a tweet reading, “U r amazing.”

Lohan talked to RadarOnline about the new girlfriend, saying:

“Bernadette is a nurse who I met at the beach in Florida. I’m here with her now, but after I get back to Los Angeles, she’s coming up to New York with me…We’ve been together day and night, every day.”

You ever ask yourself what the internet would be like if all the useless stuff on it would be cleared out and disappeared forever?  Yeah…that’s kind of how I feel about this…Now what do you think the over/under is for the 911 call to be released?

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