Since we first saw Mark Ruffalo grace the screen as Bruce Banner, fans of the Hulk have been wondering when the character would finally get a movie worthy of the superhero.  Today, we have word that that may never happen.
Worst Previews is reporting that despite a HULK movie being in the plans when AVENGERS wrapped, Marvel has decided to scrap those plans and keep Banner a team player.

In a new interview with MTV, Ruffalo spoke out on the decision, saying that he understands Marvel’s stance because they have already done everything they wanted to do with the character:

“I think they’ve done it. I think they feel that they’ve done that…I think they don’t really know where to go [with the character].”

So we have just gone from having either a “Hulk” television series or movie to having nothing at all?  For someone who is a fan of how the Hulk was portrayed in AVENGERS, it’s sad to see Marvel drop a character the second they get it right.  But who knows what could happen when Phase 3 comes around?