Price Harry’s Vegas Hookup Tells All About The Unromantic, But Fun Night

So how does a Price treat his Las Vegas princesses? You're abot to find out!

So how does a Price treat his Las Vegas princesses?  You’re abot to find out! 

As we have realized, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas if you’re royalty.  And now, one of the girls from Prince Harry’s famed Sin City trip is speaking out on what exactly happened!

San Diego resident, Carrie Reichert, told UK publication The People, that she was one of the lucky girls in Harry’s room that night, and it was already a party when she got there!

“Harry was already undressed [when I arrived at the party]. It was just crazy. He looked actually delirious…There was a pool table and he was playing air guitar with pool sticks. He was screaming out, ‘Somebody get me a glove! I’m going to do a Michael Jackson impression!’

The 32-year-old, who says she was handpicked by Harry’s security team, says that the prince was nothing but friendly the entire time, giving out hugs to all!

“He would just randomly walk up to you and hug you…He was just really friendly and there were just really shy, random naked hugs. It was funny.”

But did things go farther than just being “funny”?  Carrie says that soon, Harry led her to his room, and…well, I’ll let her tell it:

“We kissed, he was naked at the time, and pretty open. It was a drunken fumble. It wasn’t romantic, just fun.”

After about 15 minutes of kissing, Carrie says that she and Harry headed back into the main room, and the whole time, the 27-year-old was nothing but a very wasted “gentleman.”

So what about that now famous girl that Harry was hugging in those wonderful shots? 

“I saw the girl, there was just a lot of hugging and maybe some kissing. Just a lot of laughing… she was kind of shy and very timid…I didn’t catch her name as we were all drinking. She was an American girl. She was very slender, really cute and pretty, kind of shy and she also seemed really drunk.”

 Something tells me if she found herself in that little predicament, she wasn’t as shy as Carrie makes her out to be…

At the same time,

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