TRAILER ALERT: Jessica Chastain Stars In Guillermo Del Toro’s MAMA

Check out Jessica Chastain in the creepy trailer for MAMA.

Last year was the year of Jessica Chastain. With supporting and starring roles in a total of six films, including THE DEBT, TAKE SHELTER, TREE OF LIFE, and THE HELP, the widely unknown actress became the busiest actress in Hollywood basically overnight.  And now, we have our first look at her new film, MAMA.

The new film, produced by Guillermo Del Toro and directed by Andres Muschietto, follows Anabel (Chastain) and Lucas, a couple attempting to raise Lucas’s two young nieces who were discovered in a forest after being lost there for five years.  However, soon the couple realizes that the ghost of the girls’ mother is still very much around…and she’s not happy…

Check out the trailer below.  MAMA hits theaters January 18th, 2013.


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