Dancing with the Stars Week 5 is Not-So-Guilty, but still a Pleasure

While the presidential debate limited DWTS to an hour-long show last night, there’s no arguing that things are getting interesting.

Kirstie and Maks had their highest score of the season, and the judges agreed that this was Kirstie’s best dance yet. The couple delivered a careful, clean, and controlled quickstep to “Mrs. Robinson.” It was a solid performance, and Kirstie seemed genuinely happy not to have to rely on any “cutesy” moves or comedic gimmicks to win over the judges.

The downside of having a group of such highly skilled dancers is that they tend to make everything look effortless. Case in point, Emmitt and Cheryl. Their samba to “Copacabana” was everything you could want in a dance. High-content choreography, perfect execution, a smooth vibe, and they were having fun. The couple scored a 29 out of 30. But where was the “wow” factor? Can I really be this jaded in Week 5?

Part 2 of “Guilty Pleasures” week airs tonight.  Tuesday’s show will feature a team freestyle dance to “Gangnam Style” and four individual routines, but no elimination.

Dance of the Night: I have to give it to Team “Call Me Maybe.” Derek was clearly less than thrilled to get this song assignment for the team freestyle, but it turned out to be the most fun, high-energy number of the show. To start with, any red-blooded viewer with a pulse had to appreciate the football pants and cheerleader outfits. (Karina, you are giving me ab envy.) Then all four couples brought their a-game with strong dance solos, group synchronization, and crowd-pleasing stunts. Melissa admitted to being on some heavy painkillers after a scary neck injury on Sunday, but she didn’t miss a beat. On another note…

Derek: You. Me. Bleachers. See you after class.

Ones to watch: Gilles and Peta. Last week they were tied with Shawn and Derek for the top spot on the leader board, and last night’s steamy rumba brought them another nearly perfect score of 29.5. The truth is, these two are flat-out gorgeous on their own, but together, they’re almost blindingly so. As dance partners, they deliver precision and elegance in their footwork, as well as the chemistry that’s so crucial to winning over the audience. Diehard DWTS fans may remember that Shawn barely edged out Gilles to win the mirror ball trophy in Season 8. In this season’s rematch, Gilles could very well come out on top.

Who’s in trouble: Even though there’s no elimination this week, I am worried about Kelly and Val. An emotionally charged performance landed them in the #2 spot last week, but yesterday’s samba failed to impress the judges, and the couple wound up with the lowest scores of the night. Kelly looked tired and uninspired, and Val’s choreography lacked the content necessary to keep up with the competition. This show can be tough on the celebs who aren’t able to take time away from their professional lives, and the stress and long hours seem to be taking a toll on Kelly.

Quotable quote:  “We gonna be responsible for a lot of babies.” -Gilles Marini to partner Peta, regarding the possible effects of their sexy rumba on unsuspecting viewers.

Best moment:  Apparently all hot and bothered by the Gilles/Peta Rumba Effect, Carrie Ann announced, “Let the baby-making begin!” She then promptly fell off her chair. Good times.

Team “Call Me Maybe” 29.5
Gilles & Peta 29.5
Emmitt & Cheryl 29
Kirstie & Maks 25.5
Kelly & Val 24.5

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  • The scores always get better as the season continues, but I also wonder whether everyone is really improving enough to warrant such high scores. I suppose it doesn’t really matter since the public votes on whom they like the most. Giles and Peta seem to have this one in the bag. I’m glad the show was available to watch at all on my DVR though because my kids constantly delete my timers to record their shows. When my DISH coworker would come over, there wasn’t anything to watch. Now the PrimeTime Anytime feature on my Hopper is set to automatically record all of the evening shows and I don’t have to set any timers. That’s convenient for me because it guarantees I won’t miss DWTS.

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