In a move that will likely cost millions to roll out, Wendy’s has updated its logo to reflect its transformation to a higher-end hamburger chain. (okay…) After testing dozens of images, this is the one that came out on top. But wait… there’s more.

CEO Emil Brolick and Craig Bahner, the company’s chief marketing officer told the associated press that the chain is revamping half of their locations, and implementing an image-makeover company wide “to be a five-star restaurant at a three-star price.”

Because corporations don’t take logo changes lightly – they did research panels with consumers, and it turns out folks were reluctant to stray too far from the original. (Note that Wendy still looks like a child you would have a hard time finding nowadays… pig tails and a blue striped, high collared blouse and blue hair ribbons. Not exactly a modern-day tween!) At least they toned down the false looking eyelashes from the original. What a tart!

It’s always funny to hear how a company glamourizes the new iconography. Bahner notes that Wendy’s pigtails stick out from the oval frame, “bringing her forward and making her more dynamic.” Wow. Okay. I totally felt that.

Locations renovations will include more natural light, cozier seating options, and uniform upgrades.