Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Hilariously Slip Themselves Into Golden Globe Nominees For Their Film “Dog President.”

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are getting huge laughs hosting the Golden Globes - particularly for inserting themselves, dressed as hilarious characters, into the Golden Globe Awards audience as nominees.


Julianne Moore may have won best actress in a miniseries or TV movie for ‘Game Change’ – but it was one of her fellow ‘nominees’ that stole the show!

Amy Poehler, dressed in a red wig and crooked, partially missing teeth, slipped herself into the nominees – as presenters Don Cheadle and Eva Longoria, playing along, described her as “the psychic who solved her own murder, Darcy St. Fudge in Dog President.” (Although I myself heard ‘Budge’ – it seems like lots of people heard ‘Fudge’ because that’s the name that’s sticking online.)

The audience was laughing all the way, including Taylor Swift, who could be seen in the shot. But it was a moment that many viewers at home may have not picked up on initially. Poehler could even be seen during cutaways during Julianne Moore’s acceptance speech. Moore herself was completely unaware of the stunt, as she was offstage celebrating with the “Game Change” team, who had just won best mini-series.

Tina FeyLater, Tina Fey would appear during the reading of nominees as “a professional volleyball player battling restless leg syndrome, Damian Francisco” again for the film “Dog President.”

Before the end of the show, Darcy St Fudge already had three twitter accounts.

Poehler and co-host Tina Fey are already getting rave reviews for their performance on social media, although the show has had its fair share of technical problems in its first hour.

What do you think of Tina and Amy?

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