Quit Dreaming: Les Misérables Is Coming Back To Broadway

Producer Cameron Macintosh is dead set on bringing Les Misérables back to the great white way in 2014.

Les Miz 2The film version of LES MISERABLES has had plenty of success, both at the box office and with plenty of big Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. Now producer Cameron Macintosh is going to take advantage of all the hype surrounding his Oscar nominated property with a Broadway revival coming to Broadway in 2014.

The show has gone under plenty of changes since it’s last successful run on Broadway, including changes to the set design, the score, and getting rid of the noted revolving stage.

The newest version of the show has been touring the world, selling tickets like mad in London. Macintosh, in an interview with the New York Times, stated he regrets reviving the show in 2008, just a few years after it’s long run on Broadway ended in 2003. He hopes that both the number of years off from the show on Broadway and the $400 million box office Les Miz pulled in this winter will help sell out a 2014 revival.

Announcing the news now also has the added bonus of gauging how receptive fans are – giving the producers time to decide if they will keep recent additions, like the Oscar nominated song “Suddenly,” as well as who would be cast in key roles. Macintosh has already said he is thinking about casting and has stated he will not have huge movie stars headlining – but if Hugh Jackman was interested in returning to the role for a few weeks, he would absolutely want to see him do it.

Macintosh has also admitted he is looking to bring another Broadway hit to the silver screen in an adaptation like  Les Misérables – the hit stage musical “Miss Saigon”. That said, Macintosh won’t talk about “Saigon” until he is finished working on Les Misérables. The producer stated he wants to see this show outlast his previous revival, which only stayed on Broadway for 15 months. Expect to see more and more about this in the coming months.

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