DWTS Season 16 Premiere was Safe, if not Sizzling

The Season 16 premiere of DWTS was definitely “Ladies Night,” as the women set the standard for the weeks to come.

dwtsThe Season 16 premiere of DWTS was definitely “Ladies Night,” as the women set the standard for the weeks to come. While perhaps not as strong out of the gate as the women have been in the past, they have gave solid freshman performances and show the most potential for improvement.

As for the men? They meant well.

Dance of the Night- I’m ready to predict the winning team in week 1. Zendaya and Val. This 16-year-old Disney Channel star won the judges’ praise for a “superb debut,” and topped the leader board with 24 points. Watch and see if you agree:

New this season- The show has added a contemporary dance category, which will no doubt prove challenging for the stars as well as the pros. While there are no specific steps to master, contemporary dance often requires a certain level of athleticism, as well as the emotional expression to tell a story. It’s a good bet we will see some breakout performances in this style, later in the season. Fingers crossed!

One to watch- Kellie Pickler sparkled like a country music Tinker Bell in her first performance. Kellie has the advantage of natural talent, and being partnered with the winning-est star (and one of the best choreographers) on the show, Derek Hough. I’ll be very surprised if she doesn’t make it to the final three. Len said of her cha-cha-cha, “Yum, yum, pig’s bum.” Possibly a comment on the deliciousness of bacon, but I’m guessing it means the head judge is already a fan of Team Pickler.

Triple 4 Flashback- Perhaps Bruno said it best: “D.L. OMG.” It may take an act of God or a week of all-out effort to keep D.L. Hughley in the competition. His cha-cha-cha with partner Cheryl Burke was, in a word, sad, and earned only 12 points from the judges. The last time I remember someone getting three 4s was back in Season 2, when Master P replaced his son Lil’ Romeo at the last minute. I actually went back and watched it. The judges were nicer to Master P.

Over it- Last night we saw a man dressed as a bellhop carting Lisa Vanderpump’s dog Giggy on and off stage. Can we be done with the whole pets-as-an-accessory thing?

Quote of the Night- “We get most of our contestants when their judgment is impaired.” – Tom Bergeron

The stars will have another chance to dance on Monday.  The first elimination takes place next Tuesday.

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