DWTS All-Stars Deliver A Thrill-Ride In Week 3

Week 3 of DWTS All-stars should have had a disclaimer off the top: “You must be at least this tall to watch this show. Please secure loose items such as glasses, keys, and jewelry. Keep arms inside chair/sofa at all times.”

It was a thrill ride from start to finish! Last week, head judge Len Goodman challenged the couples to pull out all the stops, and boy, did they ever. The stars were given “creative control” of their dances, which turned out to be a super smart move on ABC’s part. I mean, where else can you get a sexy French actor suspended in mid-air, pyrotechnics, and a live donkey on a Monday night? Sabrina narrowly missed a wardrobe malfunction, and viewers were treated to two hours of no-spills, all-chills performances.

Do I sound like I’m gushing? Indulge me now, because tonight’s double elimination is going to be a soul-crusher. The competition is fierce, with some of the strongest couples in a 4-way tie. Some really talented dancers will be going home. That’s the downside of an all-star season.

Dance of the night: Shawn and Derek’s quickstep. Wonder twin powers, activate! This dynamic duo took Len’s challenge to heart, and delivered an eye-popping, albeit rule-breaking performance that garnered standing ovations from both Bruno and Carrie Ann. The couple’s footwork and precision are always spot-on, but this time they also brought in tricks that really showcased their combined athletic skills, starting with flips from two mini-trampolines. As if the double splits (while still in dance hold) weren’t enough, they capped off their dance- as well as the show- with simultaneous death drops from the stairs on both sides of the stage. Len said he’d “never enjoyed a routine more,” and Bruno gave them the highest individual score of the night, a 9.5.

One to watch: Kelly Monaco. She and partner Val wowed the audience and judges alike with their strong, steamy paso doble. It’s been a long time since her Season 1 win, but Kelly is proving herself to be worthy of the title “all-star.” Bruno declared last night’s dance to be a “defining performance,” while Len praised her focus and beautiful musicality. Kelly and Val tied Melissa and Tony for the top spot on the leader board, with the season’s highest score of 27.

Who’s in trouble: I said brrrr, it’s cold in here. There must be some Ballas in the atmosphere. While Bristol and Mark brought in their highest score yet with a perfectly respectable paso doble, viewers may not be able to ignore the cringe factor that came along with their “first fight” caught on tape. Bristol called Mark out for not showing up to a rehearsal, and told him, “I feel like you want to go home.” Even though they made nice for the camera last night, it just seems like an uneasy partnership at best. It’s hard to watch, especially compared to the love-fest demonstrated by the other couples on the show.

Best moment: It’s a tie. I loved watching a wig-wearing Maks ham it up with his “moves like Jagger.” So refreshing to see him not taking himself so seriously! (Did anyone else think he looked like a brunette Andy Gibb?) Also, it was great to see Emmitt nail a potentially hazardous-to-Cheryl’s-health slide through his partner’s barely planted feet at the end of their dramatic paso doble. Whew! That was close.

Quotable quote: “Wardrobe did an amazing job to make me look like a pimp.” -Helio Castroneves, on his pinstriped suit.

27     Melissa and Tony
27     Kelly and Val
26.5  Shawn and Derek
25.5  Gilles and Peta
25.5  Apolo and Karina
25.5  Sabrina and Louis
25.5  Helio and Chelsie
25     Emmitt and Cheryl
24     Drew and Anna
24     Kirstie and Maks
22.5  Bristol and Mark

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